Diane Jones, composer


Diane Jones loves writing for and collaborating with performers.  With commissions and performances by Mélomanie, The Relâche Ensemble, The Da Capo Chamber Players, Trio Casals, and Flautet, Diane's music reflects her rich, eclectic influences and her love of line and rhythm.  In 2011, her Choro Samba Laranja was included on the SAMMY award-winning CD, Native Orange.

Diane was the live weekend host on WCNY-FM, Central New York's Classical Radio Station.  She is past President of the Society for New Music, and has had her music featured on Fresh Ink, the weekly new music broadcast produced by the Society. 

A recipient of the Billy Joel Fellowship, a fellowship with the Chamber Music Institute at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and awarded the prestigious Grace F. and Theodore Berger Award from the University of Delaware, Diane has also been inducted into Pi Kappa Lambda, the music honor society.  Active as a performer as well as a composer, Diane regularly performs with Samba Laranja and the Central New York Flute Choir.  She has played flute and piccolo in regional orchestras, and was one half of the flute duo, Flutes of Fancy. 

Diane is privileged to have studied with outstanding composers Daniel S. Godfrey, Nicolas Scherzinger, and Jennifer Margaret Barker.



About Firedance:

FireDance lives up to its name. The first movement, Sparks has short bursts of melody, with one instrument beginning and another taking over. [Kimberly] Reighley (baroque flute) and Elizabeth Field (baroque violin) are so skilled at matching their tones that the melody flows effortlessly. The second movement Embers starts out with only strings. We can picture the fire being ignited, as instruments are added. Jones gestures to early music in the third movement, Flames. It begins with a violin solo, followed by sections of imitation and sequences - staples of baroque composition.

from Delaware Arts Info

January 17, 2011